6 Home Improvements To Make Before Selling Your House

There are several home improvements which you can undertake before you sell it. Stick with those improvements that will make your home fully functional and aesthetically attractive like, upgrading your doors and windows, painting (interior and exterior), landscaping, minor kitchen and bathroom updates, getting your furnace repaired (extremely cold there), increasing storage capacity and refurbishing you flooring.

Deciding on which home improvements to undertake before you sell your home can be a yo-yo affair – and a daunting task indeed! You’ll definitely want to consider those that can improve your home value. But which ones will impress potential buyers and make them see your home is the best in the neighborhood!


Point to remember! According to Academy Air (Clayton heating and cooling company), most buyers will show interest in a place they can move into straightway, without having to do any repairs. A home that requires obvious maintenance will make them to an about-turn. In contrast, a house that exhibits the effects of recent renovation or of fairly consistent maintenance will grab their attention. So consider the following home improvements if you want to get a good price on your home.

Work on the exterior of your home

Nothing works like first impressions. So put in extra effort to let your home look its best as seen from the curb because, if your home is to make the grade, then its exterior has to present a pretty picture! There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint, in subdued colors, to spruce up its external appearance. If the situation warrants, replace the siding of your home with trendy new vinyl or fiber-cement siding.

Another way of revamping the exterior of your home is to focus on its natural surroundings. Who doesn’t appreciate an attractively landscaped yard?In fact, the way in which a home’s yard is maintained is considered a pretty good indicator of the time and effort invested in the property by its owner. Prospective buyers will be able to picture themselves enjoying the pleasant times of the year outdoors, soaking in the sun and having fun times with family and friends.

Upgrade your doors and windows

Today there is greater demand for homes that are environmentally conscious and buyers show heightened interest in the running costs of a household, particularly energy costs. An ideal way to do this is to replace old doors and windows with energy-efficient, Energy Star-rated models like the ones Champion Window offer, will lead to more affordable heating and cooling expenses. Replacing your main entry door with a more attractive but stronger and more secure option like a steel-reinforced door will address the issues of safety, security, better insulation as well as aesthetics, where your front door becomes the focal point of your home’s curb appeal.

Keep your walls and your flooring clean

Don’t allow your walls to go unmaintained. A fresh coat of paint, in neutral colors preferably, can do wonders in making your home sought after.

Scruffy floors are something that certainly won’t help your cause and neither will threadbare worn out, musty carpeting. Nothing warms the heart as much as the perennially popular hardwood flooring especially when it’s well-maintained. So dump the old musty carpets, but if you must have carpeting, then settle for attractive,high quality carpeting that creates a feeling of warmth.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades and repairs

Don’t go overboard when it comes to refurbishing the kitchen. True, it is one of the most important places in the home and you need to ensure that it is completely functional with adequate work space and storage facilities. Cosmetic changes like repainting the cabinets, installing shiny new faucets and ensuring that all appliances are in working condition should be sufficient to get your kitchen looking tidy and attractive. It may also be worthwhile replacing old light fixtures with more energy-efficient models.

The same goes for your bathrooms. Minor renovations like painting the walls, re-grouting your tiles (a fast and inexpensive way of giving new life to the old flooring), installing more attractive faucets and low-flow toilets and shower heads,replacing your old water heaters with on-demand water heaters and scrapping the conventional incandescent light bulbs for CFLs are just some of the things you can do to give your bathrooms a fairly decent makeover. The improvement that these small, relatively inexpensive updates make in your home will probably surprise you.

Upgrade your storage capacity


Storage and more storage is one thing that buyers look for in a home! The more storage you can provide, the greater is the value you can pile on to the price of your home.Ensure that your closets, cabinets and other storage facilities are fully functioning and don’t over stuff them when buyers come to look over your home! They need to see what they are getting!

I know what you’re thinking. When my husband and I finished improving our home to make it more marketable, we didn’t want to leave! We felt like we’d moved into a new home that was just perfect! And that’s the way it should be. If you feel, you’re potential buyer will feel it, too!


Buying A New Home in St. Louis

If you are considering buying a new home, there are a few steps you should take to prepare for the process of buying a home. This may be a life-changing experience, but it is almost sure to test your patience at some point or another. You can minimize this frustration if you do some advance work to prepare.  It is a good idea to list out what you are looking for in a neighborhood and in the house.  It is also a good idea to check on local mortgage rates to get an idea if you will be able to afford a new home.  For example, Granny 8 Mortgage told us that St. louis mortgage rates are usually advertised on local media, so you can check them out and get an idea of potential monthly payments. When you are ready to start, there are steps you can take to make the process less challenging.

Review Your Credit Report

One of the first things mortgage lenders will do is take a look at your credit history and your credit score.  This will provide them the information they need to determine if you will qualify for a home loan. Your credit report will also help determine your interest rate.  The better your report and credit score, the better interest rate you will get.  It is important to regularly check your credit report to ensure all the information listed is correct There are many ways to monitor your credit report, especially through online sites.

Save Up The Down Payment

To purchase a new home, chances are you will need at least a 20 percent down payment and other expenses such as closing costs and moving.  You can work on saving for this by reducing your living expenses.  You can reduce food and utility costs, and if you are renting, might consider moving to a less expensive place.  Then put all the money saved into a new house account. It will add  up before you know it.

Enroll In A Home-Buyer Course

If you are a first-time home buyer, consider taking a home buyer course.  You will learn what is involved in buying a house and get some strategies to help you get through the process.

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

Before you start shopping for a new home, it is a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage.  When you have a pre-approval letter, you know in advance before you start shopping how much you can spend.  This helps narrow down the types of houses you should look at.  Knowing how much you qualify for can help when you are about to make an offer on a house, too.

If you live in St Louis mortgages are available at local banks and mortgage brokers.  Additionally, if you qualify for a special loan program such as the VA or FHA, you may qualify for a lower interest rate. These programs also may have a lower down payment requirement or may waive the down payment or closing costs altogether.

If you follow these steps to prepare for shopping for a home when you find the home of your dreams, you will be ready to make it happen.